Sănătatea Media Group provides complex communication services and efficient solutions covering all communicational areas within the health domain.

“Sisyphus was a demigod, he never got tired, but, probably the boulder was top notch as well”
(Vasile Ghica)

An efficient communication does not mean a Sisyphean effort when you have the needed resources and means.

The expertise of our team, a comprehensive passion encompassing our work, a high knowledge of the medical market and a sound relationship with the media have built Sănătatea Media Group - a media communication company covering the health domain.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in five different areas:

  • PR strategic advisory
  • Event management
  • media relation services
  • marketing
  • web management

Sănătatea Media Group focuses on medical communication, a both offering and challenging niche area, considering its communicational perspectives and, at the same time, the domain with a dire need for a professional approach on information and public relations.

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